How do you clean your whipped cream dispenser?

After using your whipping siphon, if you don’t clean it properly it could get grimy and even start to stink?  How do you prevent this? It’s easy if you know how to clean it properly.

Step 1: Make sure you disassemble all the parts.  We like to disassemble all the parts and clean the large canister and top in the sink.  Then we use the large bottle brush to quickly clean the canister and top using warm water and a little detergent.  

Step 2: But there are additional small parts including the rubber gasket under the lid the small siphon tips as well as the screw and little piston.  With these small parts that can get lost we like to keep them together in a large bowl in the sink as you clean them.

Then with the small parts we will use the small brush to clean those hard to reach places

Step 3: After that we let the parts air dry.  

PRO tip: when storing your whipped cream dispenser, we always store it with the lid off.  DO NOT STORE IT WITH THE LID ON. This is because sometimes if there’s any moisture inside, this will cause smells or mold.  So remember store with the lid off!