Recommendation - Book: “The Whipping Siphon” Jason Logsdon

I don’t know about you but sometimes there’s just so much stuff online on youtube, Facebook groups, and forums that you’re not sure what you should believe and what you shouldn’t. 

This is especially true when it comes to recipes.  Because if you find a good recipe that great - that’s a KEEPER.

But if you find a “bad recipe” then not only do you have a disappointment on your hands, you also have wasted time and money on your ingredients.  

That’s why we are super careful to test all of the recipes we post. One of the best recipe creators we’ve found is Jason Logsdon.  

Jason is a passionate home cook who’s literally written the book on whipped cream dispensers.  It’s called “The Whipping Syphon”. The book begins with the essentials of how to use the whipping siphon, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting problems.  For example he gives a really good breakdown of what causes the contents not to come out and how to solve these problems.

He then covers the three main ways to create dishes using the whipping siphon: Foaming, infusing, and carbonating.  

Foaming is probably the first thing that comes to mind when using a whipped cream dispenser.  You use N2O gas to foam a liquid such as whipped cream. He really goes into the nitty gritty by explaining 10 different types of foams, flavoring ingredients you can use to personalize your dishes, of course different type of recipes.  

It also has interesting infusions that you can make.  One of my personal favorites is limoncello. This is a delicious after-dinner drink or “digestif” according to the Italians.  It helps to finish a rich meal and carries a clean lemon flavor. Be sure to use organic lemons when possible so you don’t get any chemicals in your infusion.

There’s more to carbonation than just making soda water.  The “Fizzy Watermelon Salad” is a tasty summertime treat!

For those of you who are looking to get fancy with your whipping siphon he shows you how to use some molecular gastronomy basics to make dishes that you might see in a Michelin starred restaurant.  

So check out “The Whipping Siphon” today to take your whipping siphon to the next level or just get some inspiration for your next kitchen creation!