Safety First

Here at Animato, we take safety very seriously.  That starts from our company policy through our factory production and it extends to you our valued customer. 


Some time ago, a French fitness influencer had a terrible accident while using her defective whipped cream dispenser.

We have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of our products for our customers.  Here’s a summary of our safety measures:

  1. All metal construction - Metal is stronger and more durable than plastic.  It simply can hold up to higher pressures than plastic. So we recommend you stay away from any canisters that use a PLASTIC lid.  We believe this is the type of lid that caused the accident.
  2. Reinforced metal lid - Our lid is made of thicker metal that stands up to higher pressure than competitors lids who are thinner and more flimsy
  3. More service lid - Our proprietary lid design is more secure than competitors which means that it can withstand higher pressures without any risk of malfunction
  4. Extensive experience - Our factory has over 10 years of experience manufacturing whipped cream dispensers for customers all over the world.
  5. World testing - They have passed tests and obtained certifications from TUV Rheinland and SGS.  Our products also meet FDA standards.
  6. Trusted by Chefs and Restaurants - Animato products are used by leading restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and James Beard winning chefs around the world

The conclusion is simple. Animato is committed to your safety and enjoyment while using our kitchen products. We stand by our quality and use our products in our own kitchens.  

Lifetime guarantee - and we stand by our unmatched lifetime guarantee on our whipped cream dispensers.