Cold Brew Coffee

What’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of Cold Brew Coffee?  When the heat is on, you want your coffee cold as ice. But gourmet coffee shops normally spend 24 hours brewing cold brew coffee.  But with the Animato Whipping Siphon, you can make the perfect and smoothest cold brew coffee in a fraction of the time.  Learn how in this recipe!


  • 100 g Coffee beans whole
  • 500 g Water, preferably filtered


  • Coffee grinder 
  • Whipping siphon 
  • N2O cartridges 
  • Chemex (optional) 
  • Coffee filter


  1. Grind beans—we prefer burr grinders—as you would for Chemex or drip coffee. The size of the grounds should be about 0.75 mm to 1 mm.
  2. Add coffee and water to a one-liter whipping siphon. Charge with three cartridges of N2O. Gently swirl the upright siphon. Do not shake, as coffee grounds could become lodged in the valve and cause problems with pressure release or sealing.
  3. Chill. Place siphon on ice or in the fridge for two hours to infuse.
  4. Holding siphon upright, release pressure by slowly pressing the lever. Place a coffee filter in a Chemex or other pour-over brewer. Unscrew siphon lid, and pour coffee into coffee filter.
  5.  Drink! Dilute with cold water to desired strength and pour over ice. You can also use hot water with the concentrate if you prefer to drink warm.