What types of chargers you should use - Cream or Soda chargers? N20 vs C02 explained

When you buy chargers there’s normally two types that you see sold: Cream chargers which contain Nitrogen gas or N2O and Soda chargers which contain Carbon Dioxide gas or CO2.  What’s the difference?

Cream chargers (N2O) have a creamy and almost natural sweet taste.  You can use them for whipped cream, coconut whipped cream, cake batters, pancake batters, infusions such as limoncello, oils, and more.  In short, you’ll use N20 chargers most of the time.

On the other hand Soda Chargers (C02) have a more bubbly mouthfeel and acidic flavor.  Some people even describe it as a “bitter” taste. We use them mainly for sodas and special applications (like fizzy fruit) to create more fine bubbles on your tongue.  We would NOT use them for whipped cream because the mouthfeel would be off.

Currently we recommend using the iSi brand of cream chargers and soda chargers.