Frequently Asked Questions

 1) I purchased the cream dispenser but wanted to check what kind or brand of N2O refills I need to purchase in order to make it work. Also, is the cream charger not included with the package?

Answer: This works with leading brands of cream chargers and this is also compatible with both Nitrogen N2O and Carbon Dioxide COchargers. We recommend using ISI's N2O Cream chargers, 8g per bottle. The cream charger is sold separately.

2) I am looking to buy a whip cream maker like the one I see at Starbucks. I was looking at your professional whip cream canister/ dispenser, but I do not understand how it works. Do I need other chargers to make the cream? are they sold separate? Or the professional dispense is all I need, and I just put the whip cream in it?

Answer: Yes, it’s the same way as they make it at Starbucks.  Note you will need to buy separate N2O chargers to make whipped cream.  

3) What is the dispenser made of?

Answer: The body and head are made of aluminum alloy metal. The tips are made of stainless steel. Very solid and professional grade construction. We offer a lifetime warranty. 

4) I got one as a gift and my charger holder has a hole in it at the bottom part. Is this supposed to have a small hole?

Answer: Yes, the hole is designed as a safety mechanism for gas pressure release.

5) What if the cap does not screw tightly?


  • Check for debris that may be stuck in threads.
  • When screwing the cap, reverse screw counterclockwise once first to make sure the threads are aligned.  Then screw back as usual.
  • Pls also make sure that the threads match the cap correctly.

6) The stainless steel tips don't have threads

Answer: The three divots on the side of the tip are in fact the threads that will hold the tips in place securely.  


7) I used the whipped cream dispenser once this past weekend and after a few seconds, it started spraying out the cream pretty aggressively. Not sure if it's something I need to learn or if the unit itself just isn't working properly. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Answer: Yes, the contents of the cream whipper will be under high pressure so when you dispense it, we suggest you GENTLY squeeze the trigger to get “the hang of it”.  Over time you will be able to control it and make decorations and creations to your liking.

8) I purchased your 500ml/1-pint siphon. I just used it for the first time and the cream didn't come out. I used 1 charger, shook the siphon, let it rest 3h in the fridge. Re-shook it before use and when pressing the handle, only the gas came out and a little bit of the cream. I used about 300ml of cream inside the siphon that I passed through a sieve. Is there anything I did wrong? Any reason why the preparation wasn't coming out?

Answer: If only gas came out and not the cream, did they hold the dispenser upside down? That should help.

9) In the package I had: 2 metal ends and 1 plastic end. Can you explain how I can use the plastic end as the thread diameter is bigger than the metal one in the siphon?

Answer: The plastic and metal tips have the same sized connectors, so they will all fit on the dispenser head. If there is any problem fitting it, please send us a photo and we will be happy to offer a free replacement.


  • We recommend washing by hand using the bottle brush we provide.  Dishwasher is not recommended
  • We recommend using no more than one charge per canister.  Using more than one charge may risk damage to the product as well as risk of personal injury. 
  • Before whipping, refrigerate the cream (BUT DO NOT FREEZE) for more than 12 hours under 0-4°C (39.2°F). And the cream must be liquid. Solid cream will not whip. 

10) I am not sure why it did not always come out as it should. There have been a few times when I get the recipe in the can and it does not come out light and fluffy. It squirts out a liquid and I'm not sure what I did wrong.


  • Check if there is any gas leakage. When objecting the gas if there is leakage, it may literally leak from the edges of the top lid. So please make sure that the lid is screwed on tightly.
  • If only gas came out and not the cream, did they hold the dispenser upside down? That should help.
  • After injecting the gas, are you shaking the canister? We suggest shaking 5-8 times for best results.
  • Check to make sure there is enough cream in the canister. We suggest filling it at least 1/3 to 1/2 full. If there is not enough liquid, then it may not whip up as much.
  • Are you using heavy cream? If using low fat varieties of dairy, then it may not fluff up as much.
  • Chill the container and cream for best results.

11) How does one adjust the amount of cream coming out?

Answer: Great question. You can adjust the amount coming out using the squeeze trigger. A gentle squeeze is usually enough for quick whipped cream on coffee. And if you pull down all the way on the trigger, it will come out more aggressively if you have a bigger job. 

12) How long can you keep the cream in your whipped cream dispenser?


The answer is it depends on the expiration date of your cream.  

We do not recommend that you keep the cream PAST the expiration date written on the original packaging.  So please check that first.

Now if you still have enough time before the expiration date then we normally can keep the whipped cream safely charged and under pressure for 5-7 days when stored in the refrigerator (but don’t go past the original expiration date). 

The fact that the cream is charged with Nitrogen gas (n20) means that there is less oxygen so that slows down the rate of spoilage.  

So you can have fresh, delicious and healthy whipped cream (without any chemicals or preservatives you find in the store bought whipped cream brands) ready in an instant for your coffee and hot chocolate for up to a week!


  • We recommend washing by hand using the bottle brush we provide.  Dishwasher not recommended

  • We recommend using no more than one charge per canister.  Using more than one charge may risk damage to the product as well as risk of personal injury. 

  • Before whipping, refrigerate the cream (BUT DO NOT FREEZE) for more than 12 hours between 0°C to 4°C (32°F to 39°F). And the cream must be liquid. Solid cream will not whip.

13) When I cover the cake with the cream, how long does the decorated cake last? I have to deliver a cake day 23 and eat it day 24 as it is for wedding wanted to know if the decoration will hold for the next day, knowing that I will keep it in the fridge.

Answer: After decorating the cake and keeping it inside the refrigerator, we recommend consuming the cake within 24 hours.

14) Is this a safe brand? A girl was killed by using one of these.

Answer: Your safety is important to us. First off, our whipped cream dispenser features a full-metal body and head construction for maximum safety, performance, and durability. They have undergone extensive pressure tests and passed. Also, ours has a pressure release valve as an additional safety precaution. Our factory has over 10 years experience manufacturing these whipping siphons. Beware of other products that use plastic heads and parts which may have safety risks including personal injury. In addition, we do not recommend using more than one charge per use. This will prevent it from over-pressurizing the dispenser bottle.

15) Is there a 16g charger adapter for this cream whipper?

Answer: Sorry, we don't offer a 16g adapter at this time.

16) If I want to make a smaller amount can this be used with 1 cup of cream? Why doesn't the book come with this?

Answer: Yes, you can use it with 1 cup of cream. The recipe book will be emailed to you as long as you have your email settings from Amazon turned to on. Or you can download it here: .


17) How long does the cream last in the container?

Answer: It depends on how fresh your cream is but normally you can keep cream for 5 days when refrigerated. But usually it will be all gone by then. :) 

18) Is the part the nozzles screws up against supposed to turn? It seems to adjust the amount of gas mixing with the cream.

Answer: Yes, it is supposed to turn and can be removed for cleaning. 

19) Do you have to change chargers for each batch of cream?

Answer: Yes, that's correct. 

20) Can you charge it with COto carbonate liquids?

Answer: Yes, you can charge with COto carbonate liquids. Fruits as well! 

21) The recipe book is missing. What's in it anyway? Anything creative beyond whipped cream?!

Answer: You should have received the recipe book by email after ordering. If not, please contact us via Amazon to get it. You will get recipes for "Perfect 5-minute Whipped Cream, 10-minute Easiest Sponge Cake, Fizzy Fruit - Carbonated grapes, lychee, orange, grapefruit, and more, Italian Olive Oil, Limoncello - Lemon Infused Vodka" as well as an FAQ on getting the most out of your cream whipper. 


22) It would be nice if there were pictures of the actual product.

Answer: You can find pictures of the actual product (whipped cream dispenser) in our listing. If you'd like to see any additional pictures, please let us know!

23) Is the N2O holder all metal? I've heard of some cheaper ones that are made with plastic, so the screw will get stripped out after multiple uses.

Answer: Yes, it is pure stainless steel and professional quality.  

24) Is it heat resistant? Looking to make hot foams.

Answer: Yes, you can use it to make hot foams up to 122°F (50°C). 

25) Can you put icing on the whipped cream dispenser?

Answer: If it's a liquid and cream-based icing then YES. We don't suggest an icing that is too thick though. 

26) Do I leave the N2O charger in the dispenser until I am finished using the cream or remove the cartridge right after I release the N2O and shake it?

Answer: We normally leave the N2O charger on the dispenser until we're finished using the cream. But I do know that you can remove the cartridge immediately. It's a matter of personal preference. 

27) Can it be used to fill creme puffs?

Answer: Yes, if you use the straight nozzle tip (included) it can be used to fill creme puffs.